Online Sessions

All E-Counseling sessions must be prepaid. You simply call us with your payment information and we will set you up with an appointment day and time. The rates for all counseling services are the same as our in session rates.


Most insurances do not cover Telehealth (online) sessions so please check with your insurance prior to booking the appointment. 

This method is great for those who either have a complicated work schedule, those who are home bound (limited mobility), current clients who are out of town for work/vacation, those concerned about COVID related issues, or those in remote areas. 

We utilize the HIPPA compliant program Client Portal by Therapy Notes which does not need to be downloaded. You simply log on to your Client Portal that was set up prior to your first appointment and select to start your assigned session. This is by appointment only and will require a webcam and microphone as well as high speed internet. 

Face to Face in office counseling is still the preferred method of counseling. 


  • At this time E-Counseling is only offered in Kansas, Missouri, and California. 

  • Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in this method of counseling

  • It is up to you to set up a private space free from distractions and other people in your space during your session.

  • You must be at your computer on time and in the online waiting room. If you are not there by 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment time you will be considered a no-show and the session fee will still be applied.  

  • The appointment must be paid for in advance. 



*NOTICE: Telehealth & phone counseling is not appropriate for those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, self-harm, homicidal thoughts, or who have mental health issues that require a more intensive session. If you are suicidal, or think you are going to hurt someone else or yourself, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.