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Building Self Esteem in Children

A lack of confidence is something that a lot of kids and young teens struggle with but your parenting can make all the difference with that. With so many changes happening in the body and mind, it is completely normal but there are ways that you can improve self esteem in children which could help prevent it from turning into more serious problems like anxiety and depression. Carry on reading to discover the top 10 ways to improve self esteem in children.

1 - Let kids make their own choices

While you might think you are doing the right thing by having a lot of rules in place, it can often do more harm than good at such a pivotal age. There comes a point in time where you need to give your kids more freedom and let them make their own choices. They will feel more confident from your trust in them and it will definitely show.

2 - Encourage them to pursue interests

It is so important that kids have other hobbies outside of school and being glued to their devices all day does not count as a hobby! Whether you look for clubs in the area to enroll your child in or you let them explore their own passions, this is so important and will do wonders for their self esteem going forward.

3 - Tell them that you love them and are proud of them

This might seem like such a simple thing but with so much going on, parents often forget to tell their children just how much they love them in daily life. Puberty and even the years coming up to it can be a very confusing time so this kind of praise can make the world of difference. It is really important that they know they have your unconditional love no matter what.

4 - Be confident in yourself

You are your kid's greatest role model so if YOU struggle with your self esteem, why would you expect them not to be the same way? Being happy and confident in yourself is a great example to your kids and will help them to follow in your footsteps.

5 - Play and have fun together

One-on-one time with your child is really important, it will back up the words that you say and will also allow you to just enjoy one another's company. Having fun with your kids is so important as a parent and you will notice such a difference in their mood and confidence because of it.

6 - Give them responsibilities

While your kid might complain, giving them chores or responsibilities will give them a feeling of accomplishment and purpose so it's really important that you make them feel included in the daily running of the house. Responsibilities including a daily routine can be extremely beneficial.

7 - Do not talk down or insult your child

All kids misbehave from time to time, or do things that might disappoint you, especially when they are approaching their teenage years. It is so important that you use your words carefully and never talk down to you kid in such a scenario. Make sure that they know what they did was wrong but don't make them feel embarrassed or ashamed.

8 - Encourage friendships

It is easy for children to get immersed in technology nowadays and while that does have some benefits, it also has drawbacks. Make sure that you encourage friendships and going out with friends rather than spending all day cooped up inside their bedroom with their heads in their phone.

9 - Lots of hugs!

Even if your teen pretends that they don't love a good hug, they do! Make sure that you show them some physical affection because that can go a long way and is one of the best parenting hacks that you can get.

10 - Consider therapy

If you are worried that your child could really be struggling in terms of confidence, anxiety, depression, or something else - trust your own instinct and sign them up for some kind of therapy. Make sure they know that talking to a professional is nothing to be ashamed about and could make the world of difference to them.


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